Weekly Wisdom

Memorial Day Edition!

Are you going camping or headed to a BBQ this weekend?
YES, you can stay 100% on plan this weekend and still enjoy yourself!

Tips for Camping on ShiftSetGo:

1. Plan and prep! Know what food you will be responsible for and what food friends and family will bring. It’s not likely that all of the foods others are bringing will support your plan. Make sure to bring extra Shift foods to supplement if what they are cooking isn’t on your menu.
2. Bring lots of water and electrolytes! You’ll likely be in the sun and need to hydrate, not to mention people may be drinking alcohol. It will be nice to have a “mocktail” with a water enhancer and some sparkling water.
3. Know your triggers. Will the s’mores get you? If so, bring a chocolate wafer and some WF marshmallow spread and make your own! Burger night? Make a bun before you go with a ShiftSetGo soup mix. Or, wrap your patty with some lettuce. Will the chips and snack foods trigger you? Bring some ShiftSetGo Spicy Nacho Crisps and Pico de Gallo with you!
4. Enjoy the time and experience. It’s an exciting shift when our focus isn’t just on food. Try to notice the little things and appreciate your friends and family. Also, appreciate how far you have come, and don’t throw all of your progress away with one lousy weekend!
5. Bring lots of veggies! You can season and roast them on the campfire with aluminum foil, which is an excellent way to munch on something while everyone else is eating junk. Bring extra though because your friends will want what you are having.