Weekly Wisdom

Topic 34:


It’s that time of the year when you are carpooling kids to and from activities, running to meetings, and always in the car!

If you spend a lot of time in your car, it can be very tempting to kill two birds with one stone and fill up when you fuel up. We want to wave a huge red flag in front of you at this point that says, “there’s nothing in there for your health!”

Gas stations are designed to get their clients in and out quickly, and they’ve learned that offering cheap, grab-and- go snacks work well for people on the move. As you know, cheap grab-and-go snacks tend to have little to no nutritional value and are generally loaded with sugars and carbohydrates. Our most successful clients are the ones that have figured out that planning is the key to not getting stuck in a desperate situation.

Do you have a stash of your ShiftSetGo products that remain in your car? If no, why not? Many of our products are “car-friendly.” The crisps, wafers, Ready-to-Go drinks, or bars that won’t melt! We also recommend leaving a small cooler in your trunk. Throw a blue ice in it each morning along with some cut veggies and a Ready-to-Go drink.

While gas stations have a few healthier foods such as yogurt, cheese, and nuts, they are not Stage 1 friendly food. If it’s really a desperate situation and it calls for a desperate measure, sometimes you can luck out with purchasing lunch meat (hopefully there aren’t any added sugars in it) or hardboiled eggs and look for a jar of pickles! They will always have water too, of course!

Did you know?

A Krispy Kreme raspberry-filled jam doughnut contains 300 calories, while a chocolate iced doughnut contains 350 calories. 3,500 calories equal 1 lb. If you add a doughnut a day to your regular diet and don’t exercise the calories off or cut down on calories elsewhere, you will gain about one extra pound every 1 0 days. That’s fast!

Recipe of the Week!

Chocolate Donuts

1 Pack ShiftSetGo Chocolate Wafer (crushed)
1 ShiftSetGo Homestyle Pancake (dry)
1 tsp baking powder
1 large egg
¼ C water
Cooking spray for donut pan

1. Preheat oven to 350℉.
2. Mix dry ingredients.
3. Gently beat the large egg.
4. Add liquid ingredients, stir to mix.
5. Spray donut pan (6 servings pan).
6. Fill with batter and bake for 8 minutes.
3 donuts = 1 “One a Day” meal (limit for one day), + 1 oz lean protein.